How a Weekly Home Cleaning Beats a Monthly Cleaning

How a Weekly Home Cleaning Beats a Monthly Cleaning

Cleaning is a chore we all hate but still have to do. Plus, during the COVID-19 pandemic more people are at home, so there’s a lot more to clean than usual. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that on average, Americans spend an entire hour each day to clean up their house. Between work and the chaos of everyday life, keeping a house clean can be the toughest job to do.

A lot of people hire professional home cleaning services to achieve a sparkling clean house or apartment. However, the main predicament they face when hiring a professional is the selection of a weekly or monthly plan. How clean your house is overall greatly depends on how frequently your cleaning routine is performed. Therefore, the best choice is to go with a weekly plan to keep your house spick and span. There are many reasons why a weekly cleaning beats monthly cleaning. Next, we will review just some of those reasons.

Help Keep Your Family Healthy.

Your family’s health is closely related to how clean your house is on a regular basis. No matter how much you clean, within a week your house will still be infiltrated by the dust, dander and dreaded allergens which are the common causes of asthma and allergies. So it’s important to clean more frequently than once per month. With weekly cleaning, your house is cleaned more frequently which reduces the risk of getting exposed to dust and allergens floating throughout your home. This helps keep the environment healthier for your family.

Jump Start Your Week with a Clean House.

A cleaning every week enables you to begin your week with a tidy house. Many studies have found that a clean house lowers stress levels and makes you feel free of constant responsibility. Coming home to a clean and organized home with a fresh smell of cleaning products after a long tiring day really elevates your mood. Weekly cleaning helps you experience this feeling every week instead of just once a month.

Have Less Clutter to Take Care of.

If you choose monthly cleaning, chances are you’ll gather a lot of clutter in your house as there’s a lot of time between cleanings. Dust and harmful bacteria can accumulate and if you’ve asthma or other dust allergies, they could get even worse. Also, getting rid of a month’s worth of clutter is more time-consuming and stressful. If you opt for weekly cleaning, the time between cleanings is really short. Things won’t get as messy and out of hand. Less time between cleanings means less clutter to care of and your home will stay clean all month long.

Have More Free Time on Your Hands.

Nobody wants to spend their precious weekend doing life-sucking chores by cleaning. Weekly cleanings give you more time to spend on yourself and do things that really matter. It is the best way to get your weekend back from the clutches of the wash, rinse and repeat cycle and you’ll be able to spend more time with your friends and family. Weekly cleaning takes the burden off your shoulders and saves your time and energy which is not possible with a monthly cleaning service.

Go Easy on the Pocket.

Another reason which makes a weekly cleaning better than a monthly cleaning is it’s more affordable. When you clean your home once a month or get it done by professionals, it requires more effort and cleaning supplies because of the accumulation of dust and dirt. The dirtier your house is, the more the company will charge you. On the contrary, in weekly cleaning, it is far easier to maintain cleanliness with minimum cost and effort.

Prevent Mold.

Homes with high levels of moisture are prone to mold and mildew that can cause asthma attacks, allergic reactions and skin irritations. Monthly cleaning is not as effective in getting rid of mold as the mold will have sufficient time to grow back again. However, weekly cleaning allows you to remove mold every week and it doesn’t have enough time to regenerate. Therefore, a weekly cleanup is always better and advisable to avoid mold and mildew to prevent your family from having health issues.

Beautify Your House.

Another reason to opt for weekly cleanings is that they help you keep your house beautiful throughout the week. Frequent cleaning is the fundamental and easiest way to keep your house in shape and always ready to welcome unexpected guests. Cleaning once a month is not enough to keep the house constantly clean as dust and clutter take just days to accumulate, so monthly cleaning can be too late.

Reduce the Cleaning Time.

Another benefit of weekly cleaning is that it cuts the cleaning time in half. When you clean your house in the same order every week it becomes a routine and takes less time to get done. Whereas, with monthly cleaning, the interval in between cleaning is too long which means more clutter will build up. The messier your house is, the more time it will take to get cleaned which makes the cleaning a more daunting task.

Increase the Lifespan of Items.

Some areas and items in your house need frequent cleanings such as your carpet, home appliances, the kitchen and toilets. For example, cleaning your oven and refrigerator every week is the best way to extend the lifespan of your appliances. Leaving dirty items untouched for an entire month usually makes the task of cleaning it much more difficult. Weekly cleaning of carpets, kitchen, toilets and other home appliances will not only keep your house clean and tidy but also increase their lifespan.

Prevent Burn-Out.

Weekly cleaning is a great way to prevent getting burned out of cleaning everything at once. It allows you to do a little bit every week and quit for the rest of the week. On the other hand, with monthly cleaning, trying to clean everything at once can be hectic and tiring. Chances are, you’ll still be left with lots of unfinished cleaning again which will be pushed to the next month. It’s always better to do weekly cleanings to keep things from going beyond control.